We are so glad you visited our website!  Gardnertown United Methodist Church (affectionately known as “GUMC”) has been around a long time. Over the last few hundred years we’ve changed faces in the congregation, and in the pulpit. But the one thing that remains is that we are committed to preaching Jesus Christ, and making disciples that will reach our community, and the nations.

What sets GUMC apart?   We are a traditional church, meaning we still use a hymnal and responsive liturgy.  We are a smallish congregation (less than 55), which means we are much more intimate.  If you are looking for a place to get actively plugged in to the body of Christ, this is it.  If you are looking for a place to go to get lost in the woodwork for a while, we’ll try to leave you alone, but we aren’t good at that… we are a friendly bunch who enjoys new visitors, and we heartily welcome new members.

You won’t find some of the electronic accouterments some churches may have because nothing is more important than engaging your mind and imagination… nothing can top that!   Because that is when learning and memory takes place.  This is why Jesus spoke in parables and stories.

There are various activities and opportunities for ministry at Gardnertown, please check out our calendar.  We are also involved in local outreach programs as well, like Habitat for Humanity. Come and worship with us.  Come serve with us!