Get Involved

There are committees to accomplish almost every facet of church life at GUMC;  it’s what a Methodist church does… it’s the laity, the people, coming together and helping to run the church.  Yes, we have a pastor who preaches and oversees the church, but in the Methodist tradition, the laity is responsible just about everything else.

Why?  To begin with, it is a part of discipling.  You not only learn about how the church functions, but you become an active part of it. Learning is always more effective when actions are performed, and this is no different.  Perhaps your talent lies in singing, playing an instrument, decorating, bookkeeping, organizing, or more. This is a great place to put those talents into action.  Perhaps you don’t feel talented, or you are just a very busy person; there is always one thing you CAN do – and that’s pray.  Prayer moves people, problems, and concerns unto God himself, and that’s where it all begins.

Jesus never intended church to be a spectator sport. We are all active players on a team, with a common goal- to win people to Christ.