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Did you know you could give an Online Review of Gardnertown United Methodist Church

Instructions for

  1. Search for: Methodist church newburghny
  2. Click on: Google Reviews under Gardnertown United Methodist Church
  3. Click on the button.
  4. Here you can rate and write a review of the Church.

 Why would you want to do this?

  • The more “clicks” we get the higher up on the Internet scale we go (i.e. Gardnertown will pop up quicker when someone is searching for a church in this area)
  • So that others can see what kind of church we have when they are looking for a place to worship.

Take a few minutes to go on-line and write down the thing that you like best about our church—is it the Nursery? Sunday School? Our awesome Organist and Choir Director? The Craft Group?  Our Missions? Our ….